Our Responsibility

Key Activities ITC Interiors
WE manage for our clients

  • Manufacturing and Sourcing Evaluation

    • Review of operator requirements and interior designer specifications to ensure all information required is available
    • Provide pragmatic advise on materials and finishing to ensure design and production co-ordination

    From this ITC carries out:

    • Development of Bill of Quantity
    • Establishment of Conceptual Budget
    • For large projects with a range of product type and analyses ITC segregates these by commodity type and analyses best manufacture for the project
    • Arranges presentation for client and operator and prepares any samples of items needed
    • Propose to client a range of alternative options for consideration to ensure final satisfaction and match with budget
    • Value Engineer specifications for cost savings
    • Generates, handles and takes full responsibility of all P&Os
  • Production & Procurement

    ITC has quality control teams to consistently inspect the production to ensure quality of goods on time. We handle every detail of the process including:

    • Monitoring submittals of shop drawings, approval of material and finishes, and review of prototypes with Interior Designer and Client
    • Co-ordinating submittal of samples for FF&E, OS&E and approval by client prior to production
    • Attending factory inspection to review prototypes, monitor progress of production, and completion of goods prior to shipping. Ensure that all items down to the smallest of technical details will fit with each other and at the final point of placement
    • Managing logistics and seek out the best provider for land, sea, and air freight
    • Ensuring all packaging and customs documentation is taken care of
  • Logistics and Installation

    • Maintaining ongoing partnership for future FF&E needs or any product replacement. Warranty for goods are issued to ensure against any manufacturing fault
    • Arranging temporary site storage and access routes for deliveries of FF&E and OS&E
    • Ensuring protection is laid on site to ensure protection of fixed joinery before moving of FF&E
    • Providing local staff or project manager to oversee placement of all FF&E items
    • Scheduling deliveries of FF&E, OS&E with project team, receive and handover to client
    • Issuing Care certificates, Operations Manuals, Warranty and Vendor listings for FF&E and OS&E
    • Finalizing accounts and provide final reconciliation
    • Ensuring post installation follow up with client to ensure project has met client standards and ensure
  • Health & Safety

    ITC Interiors understand and accept the paramount importance of health and safety of employees and all other personnel that are affected by the group’s activity

    ITC Interiors is determined to establish a working culture in which the positive aspects of health and safety are encouraged and developed

    We believe that a successful health and safety culture is dependent upon effective collaboration between the company and its clients

    It must be noted that by strictly following the safety regime, we have a proud record of no safety incidents

    In order to achieve the same

    We practice a strict safety regime

  • Quality Assurance

    ITC Interiors maintains global standards in the quality of work, products that we represent and we ensure the highest level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    The intention is to look for continual improvement within the organization, but also with the vendors and other service providers that are associated with ITC Interiors.

    Our vendors undergo a prequalification process to ensure that they meet ITC Interiors' standards both in terms of quality as well as the health and safety standards.

    Aside from official routes, we undertake a personal responsibility to provide our clients with sustainable solutions in the following areas:

    • Use of energy saving lights as a standard
    • Use of recyclable materials and promoting the reuse of materials wherever suitable
    • Use of LEED certified products (carpets, ceiling tiles and furniture)
    • Minimizing the usage of real wood by using medium density fibre- treated with veneer